Pais, Jeff and Murad

‘A truly wonderful experience and an eye opener on the intricacies of money and its evolvement.’

Meera and Malati

‘A memorable experience. Very informative.’

Tabitha D’Souza

‘The experience was really informative. The info about the design is very interesting and would be a great attraction if brought to the forefront.’

Ashwin Satrasala

‘Mind blowing collection of Indian currency.’


‘Through this museum, we have been able to know about the concept of money and the ways of using money. It truly tells us the value of money during olden days and how the forms of money have changed throughout the centuries.’

Rajiv Kotibhaskar

‘Very informative and inspiring collection of heritage and legacy of paper money in India. Very exhaustive.’

Meenakshi Mehta

‘Exceptional experience. I valued each moment of being here at the museum.’

Bindu Kurup

‘This is much more than a museum. It’s a time machine.’

Grace & Sushila Saldhana

‘Very interesting and enlightening. Reminds me of currency from my childhood days to present era.’

Sanjay Sharma

‘Really impressed to see such rare collection of Indian Money. Would like to show it to my son as well.’

Ramachandran A., Palakkad, Kerala

‘Very well organized, presented and documented. An unprecedented experience to visit the museum. Congratulations.’

Ajay Kumar

‘It is the best museum ever on Indian banknotes. Mr. Rezwan Razack’s contribution to Indian notaphily is unmatched & priceless.’

Haroon Rashid, Chennai

‘Great collection. Osmania, Portuguese and Indo-China were excellent. Being a foreign note collector, I learnt a lot about Osmania and Portuguese and got interested in collecting Indian currencies too.’

Jonathan Zedka, Consulate General of Israel

‘Thank you for the most amazing experience!’

Former Minister – External Affairs, India

'Enriching experience indeed.

Not having had such and so much money is no problem with the wealth one gets here.  Great service and may this be the ultimate bank of our self-knowledge.'

Salman Khurshid,

Prof. G. Anuplal

Nothing to beat Rezwan sir’s collection and knowledge of currency notes. This museum is a great service for Indians. Thank you very much.


Havya Daggubati, Bhavna Daggubati

A beautiful and immersive experience of our history through notes. Truly engaging and introspective.



Udaya Holla

Have not seen anything like this in all my tours all over the world. This is the most impressive collection of currency notes. The time and efforts that Mr Rezwan Razack has spent on this collection is mind blowing. It is magnificent.


Vijay S Prabhu

‘My God! You own all of them, rich treasure forever.’

Antam Malakar

‘Best ever I have seen so far. Presentation, details, and variety makes it 100% perfect. Will visit again. Treasure for Indian history.’

Koshy B. G.

‘Brilliant and invaluable.’

Castelino G. A.

‘Really enjoyed the old memories of Indian Currency and RBI.’

Ibrahim Salem, U.A.E.

‘Great achievement by a great man. Collectors of paper money are all around the world and collections are kept behind walls and doors. Rezwan's collection is unique for his loving, caring and sharing. Although it is the richest collection but he offers the knowledge for everyone. Thanks Rezwan.’

Ajay and Dipti Chitnis, Pune

‘Great work, lots of dedication! Wonderful collection of rare artefacts. Great museum.’

Percy Siganporia

‘Amazing collection of all spectrums of Indian Paper Money. Cannot be anything better than that. Truly world class.’

Afthab Zain, Dubai

‘Amazing display of Indian paper money history under one roof.’

Manit Sachdecha, Bangkok

‘Indeed a pleasure to come and visit the lovely collection of Mr. Rezwan.A milestone for the new collectors to admire & study about Indian paper money.’

Jaganmohan Rao, M. D. (Retd.), BRBNMPL

‘As a paper currency maker, I have always wondered as to how to have a peer at the paper money in its onward journey. Rezwan made it possible for people like me as well as others with no knowledge of money manufacturing to take a real look at the tremendous human effort involved. Kudos to Rezwan.’

Nitin M Budhale, Currency Note Press, Nashik

It was a great pleasure and prestige to have a glance at the rare collection of Indian currency notes dating back to pre-independence era, post and present. Being a currency note printer at CNP Nashik, it was more about curiosity, desire and interest to know & learn about Indian currency and its history.

Hon. Mr. Rezwan Razack has taken painstaking and commendable effort to collect, compile almost all the modes of currencies since its inception. I salute his praiseworthy efforts. He has done the most credible job and has left an engraved impression in the minds of all the possible generations to come.

The very unique type of theme and exhibition style will leave a lasting impression on all those visiting these extraordinary exhibits.
'Hats off' to Rezwan Razack.’

Manas Mohanty

Spell bound by the sense of history.


Maru Rajender

|| भूतो भविष्यति || 

(It was never there in the past, it will not be there in the future).

"Generations to come, it may well be, will scarce believe that such a man as this one ever in flesh and blood walked upon this Earth." - Einstein said for Mahatma Gandhi.

Rezwan Razack's Museum of Paper Money - An incredible Museum which never existed on earth in our past and generations in coming centuries would not be able to dream anything like this.

Alkesh Arora

‘agarfirdaus bar-rū-e-zamīñast hamīñast o hamīñast o hamīñast...
If there is a heaven on earth; it is this, it is this, it is this...
This Farsi couplet by Amir Khusrau, a 13-14th century poet, comes to life for any numismatist visiting this place!!!!’

Santosh Soule

‘Beautiful collection. Words fall short to describe and speak about the collection. Brought back lots of childhood memories seeing those notes. Can’t even imagine the amount of time and hardship involved in accumulating such a vast collection that is spread over centuries. Thank you for sharing it with us. It’s a wonderful addition to our city. I can understand how challenging it might have been to pursue it for past 50 years.’

Kareem B. M. A.

‘Excellent collection. Professionally arranged and displayed. Depth of knowledge of Mr. Rezwan Razack is reflected in the items displayed. This is a great service to the public. Wish you all the best.’

Jan Wilson

‘Great collection. Astonished to see the Prisoners-of-War coupons. Kudos to the collector.’

Kishan Agarwal

‘Superb! Collection is out of this world and very informative. I feel lucky to see this collection.’

Kaushal Gandhi

‘Spectacular display by Rezwan Sir and team. Kudos for the large hearted display of high denomination banknotes. It will be a great inspiration for many.’


‘It is really good to know our ancestral heritage notes which are displayed and well maintained. It is a pleasure seeing them.’

Bhat S. K.

‘A wonderful experience, an education in the field of numismatics. Hats off to Mr. Rezwan Razack.’


‘Really well preserved artefacts! Fantastic!’

Hemanshu & Rajendra Bahety

‘Excellent collection and beautifully displayed on gallery. Really awesome.’

Dr. Rangaraj N.

‘Excellent collection, speechless, great treat for the eyes and brain, great service to society.’

Uma Kejriwal

‘Excellent collection. Most impressive was the currency with ‘000000’.’


‘Impressive! Excellently displayed.’

Vinay Rajkumar Movie Actor

‘Awesome! A treat to watch.’

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