The Rezwan Razack’s Museum of Indian Paper Money
Experience the history of paper money at India’s Largest Money Museum

Dictated by the triumphs, struggles and crises in our country’s rich and diverse history, the story of paper money in our country is elaborate as it is captivating. Rezwan Razack’s Museum of Indian Paper Money is a comprehensive representation of this story, realised from over five decades of unwavering dedication to researching, collecting and collating historic bank notes and related material. The museum will be a great source of information and intrigue for those who wish to look back in time to see the history of paper money in our country.

Our Mission

These priceless exhibits were meticulously acquired and arranged from all over the country with one goal in mind – to educate and provide a unique perspective on the economic past of the country. We also wish to provide an overall experience that is equal parts informative and entertaining. Ultimately, we hope you leave with a renewed sense of national pride and a lasting admiration for our country’s rich history.

A collection like no other, for a one-of-a-kind journey through history

Spanning two centuries, the Rezwan Razack’s Museum of Indian Paper Money displays one of the finest collections of paper currency and related material drawn from the Indian subcontinent.

This collection is outstanding for its diversity and its depth, comprising of Early Notes of the Private and Presidency Banks to the Uniface Notes of Colonial India and Portrait Notes of British monarchs, Queen Victoria, King George V and King George VI.  India’s colonial history is evidenced in the notes from French India and Portuguese India.  Money from the Princely States of Hyderabad, Jammu and Kashmir and Saurashtra States as well as Cash Coupons and Prisoners of War Coupons are other highlights.  In addition, Indian notes used in Burma and Pakistan and rare notes used in the Persian Gulf States and by Haj pilgrims are valuable additions. A sweeping array of current Indian notes are also on view.

With an abiding commitment to educate, inform and entertain the visitor, we examine this universal medium, exhibited here as a source of history, information and national pride.  Meticulously put together, an auxiliary collection explains the inspirations and techniques of paper currency and helps one marvel at the fascinating aspects of money through hand-painted Essays, Patterns, Proofs, Trials, Specimen notes and a rare Star of India Medal.

We hope you understand, enjoy and value this Museum of our collective economic heritage, experienced through this unique monetary treasure.

Rezwan Razack

A true titan in the real estate industry, Rezwan Razack is the Co-founder of the Prestige Group and Managing Director of Prestige Estates Projects Ltd., India’s leading property developer. His indubitable business acumen, vision and guidance have been instrumental in the company’s growth for over the last forty years. The museum is the glorious testament of his passion for collecting historic paper money. Compiled over the course of 50 years, his collection is unrivalled and most comprehensive in the world today, both in scope and significance.

Inspired by his in-depth research of the history of Indian paper money, he co-authored and released ‘The Revised Standard Reference Guide to Indian Paper Money’ in 2012. The book, hailed as ‘the Bible for Indian Paper Money’, is an encyclopaedic coverage of information and trivia related to the topic. In 2017, Rezwan authored a second book, ‘One Rupee – One Hundred Years 1917-2017’, to mark the 100th Anniversary of the issue of the One Rupee note in India. In 2010, the IBNS honoured him for his significant contribution to The Advancement of Numismatic Knowledge for his article ‘Banknotes of Portuguese India’ and in 2020 for the article ‘Portrait Notes of Queen Victoria’. Rezwan also won the ‘Fred Philipson Award’ twice and a Honorable Mention from the IBNS Journal.

Rezwan Razack is currently serving as the Chairman of the International Bank Note Society – IBNS – India Banknote Collectors’ Chapter. Rezwan shares his knowledge with students to promote numismatics as a hobby. He writes regularly on Indian Paper Money for numismatic publications in India and abroad.

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