The Revised Standard
Reference Guide to
Indian Paper Money

All types of Indian Paper Money since its inception in 1770 to the present arranged chronologically and classified.

Watermarks are described with pictorial illustrations.

All Security Features are captured and explained.

The intricate details on micro-print, micro-lettering, micro-tint, relief underprints, motifs and security features on banknotes are described.

Well-researched and documented information on Issue Dates, Types, Prefix, Circle of Issue and Signatories.

Information on the Engravers, Designers and Printers of the Indian Banknotes.

One Rupee:
One Hundred Years:
1917 – 2017

Dedicated to the 100th year journey of the One Rupee Note.

The first One Rupee note was issued in India on 30th November 1917.

Exactly One Hundred years later, in 2017, a One Rupee Note is issued with the signature of Shaktikanta Das, Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Government of India.

The new one rupee note, and especially the booklets of 25 notes, scored over the coin in convenience of use; they became popular and, over time, society gradually ingested the thought that the rupee coin could be represented by the paper note
The book has an appeal across the board – from children to adults

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